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In addition to the whole profile report in the coming HTAsiaLink conference we also welcome exhibition of your individual agency by any form, ex: video file, PPT briefing carousel, poster and so on. Please provide us the relevant files as well as we can do consequence matters for you, such as layout of your posters. 
Any profile exhibition of your individual agency by any form are welcome, of course includes job advertisement of your agency, if you wish.
The concrete way to go about is please let us know what form of your exhibition you will put in the conference and we will prepare the intermedium materials for you. For example we provide you poster stand for putting up posters, we provide you table area for paper DM, we set up projector for you job advertisement VCR, and so on.
It is also possible to insert pamphlet into conference materials. It is better no more than 2-page-A4 size. And please provide us your pamphlet in electric file in advance and we allow any sort of software, ex: word, pdf, jpg, png, ai, cdr..., etc.
We will prepare a room and necessary materials for your laudable exhibition. For further inquiries on individual exhibition, please feel free to contact us.