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HTAsiaLink Membership_by law


Dear Sir/Madam,

The 4th HTAsiaLink Annual Conference is a close meeting and only opened to HTAsiaLink members.

Please be noticed the regulations of HTAsiaLink membership application.

1. Membership is open to any individual or institutional organization interested in the network and supports the objectives of the network upon the approval of HTAsiaLink Board.

• Enlist the right for the individual and institutional membership separately

• Individual members are not necessary to get the Board approval. No privilege to attend the annual conference

2. The applicants of membership should submit a completed application form posted on the HTAsiaLink website (www.htasialink.org) to the secretariat of HTAsiaLink. Then the Board of HTAsiaLink will review and approve the membership.

3. Those applicants residing outside of Asia will be considered as the associated member.

4. Any members can decide to withdraw their membership with a notification to the secretariat.

The offical document of by-law of HTAsiaLink and application form have been attached for your reference.

If you have any inquiry, please contact HTAsiaLink Secretariat at HTAsiaLink@neca.re.kr .


Thank you very much for your kind interest in HTAsiaLink.



HTAsiaLink 2015 Secretariat

 Additional File:
File Name Size Format Date Download
Approval_Form_HTAsiaLink.pdf 77kb .pdf 2015.12.24 Download:Approval_Form_HTAsiaLink.pdf
HTAsiaLink_ByLaw.pdf 137kb .pdf 2015.12.24 Download:HTAsiaLink_ByLaw.pdf