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The 4th HTAsiaLink Annual Conference 2015
The 4th HTAsiaLink Annual Conference 2015

Faced with escalating healthcare costs and increasingly strained resources, many health care authorities across Asia are looking at methods to improve efficiency of the provided treatment and service. One of the initiatives taken is by establishing formal assessment of the treatment or service prior to including them in the reimbursement list. This process, also called Health Technology Assessment (HTA) comprised of comprehensive assessment of efficacy, safety, efficiency and financial impact of a medical treatment, service or device. HTA used multidisciplinary approach from various fields including medical, pharmacy, nursing, economy, statistic, computer and engineering.

HTA is an evolving field which personnel training are essential. However, international conferences and meeting on HTA are often too advanced in their approaches and is not focused on training young talents needed in this region. Hence, HTAsiaLink, a network of HTA agencies and institutions in Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, China, Singapore, Japan and Taiwan was formed to help and collaborate in nurturing the talent and activities in Asia (www.htasialink.org). The network is supported and recognized by various international body including the World Health Organization, INAHTA, HTAi, and International Society of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) as the leading group of HTA organization in Asia. The network organized its HTAsiaLink Annual Conference since 2012 to strengthen the collaboration, research work and sharing of expertise in the HTA discipline.

The 4th HTAsiaLink Annual Conference will be held by Center for Drug Evaluation (CDE) during 13th -15th May, 2015. The main theme of the conference is “Sharing Experiences of HTA for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in Asia.
We would like to call for abstracts on “Economic Evaluation” and “Health System and Policy Research" for oral presentations. The abstract body must be organised by OBJECTIVES, METHODS, RESULTS and CONCLUSIONS. Abstracts should be no longer than 300 words and written in English. Please kindly send your abstracts to htasialink2015@gmail.com and be informed that the deadline for abstract submission is 28th February, 2015.
Should you have any query, please feel free to contact at htasialink2015@gmail.com

Thank you very much for your interest.
Look forward to seeing you at the 4th HTAsiaLink Annual Conference in Taipei, Taiwan.